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Executive Summary
A quick overview of this business opportunity selling advertising to local businesses in your area.


We have developed a complete business package that allows you to profit from our experience and knowledge developed from over two decades in the marketing and advertising industry. 

You get everything you need to begin immediately.

  • Professionally produced printed Full-Color presentation material

  • A CD containing .pdf versions of the full color presentation plus other presentation and closing material

  • High-quality samples (five of each program.) 

  • Sources for all of the various products. 

  • Sales price guidelines, sales closing aids, ad templates and more.

  • Revenue and expense projections for each advertising program. 

  • Direct sales and business guide, lead generation techniques and closing techniques and more. 

  • It's all here. When we say you can begin selling the day you receive this package, we are not kidding.

What is "Shared Advertising"? 

First, start with a well known and proven advertising promotional product such as a coffee mug or a mouse pad. Then, instead of having just one company purchase it for an advertising promotion, convert the total imprint space available into multiple advertising spaces. By sharing the advertising space and sharing the distribution, each advertiser saves money and enjoys wider distribution of their advertising message. A win-win situation! For a sample, click here 

Our current line of "Shared Advertising" programs.

1. Refrigerator Memo Board - A wise advertising choice for any business that wants their name visible to the local consumer market.

2. House Shaped Mouse Pad - perfect for any business connected to the Real Estate industry.

2. Coffee Mug - A proven winner - a great giveaway. There are no limits to the potential of this program.

4. Office Mouse Pad - If a local business with a Website wants their name and Website in front of local businesses all day, every day - it doesn't get better than this.

5. The Golfing Almanac - NEW...a unique publication targeted at upscale consumers and the businesses that serve them

We will be offering more "Shared Advertising" programs to you in future as we prove their worth in the field. And as promised, here is our next Shared Advertising program...

Why "Shared Advertising"?

We think its obvious, and so do local businesses - for a fraction of the cost of any other type of advertising, they get their name in front of their market for years. Each of the above advertising promotion products have enjoyed great success being marketed to individual businesses. By creating a multiple advertising venue from these proven promotional products, we multiply the value to each advertiser.

Ads sell for only $490.00 to $990.00 - depending on the advertising program and the quantity produced.

How you profit from offering our various "Shared Advertising" programs.

Very well, thank you! Because you buy directly from the manufacturer of the promotional product (we give you their name and contact info) you get excellent pricing. You can earn approximately $2,500 - $3,500 per completed program ($1,000 average per Golfing Almanac.) Part-time, one or two a month is EASY - that's only 10 to 12 individual sales. We know of full-time people who can sell out a program or two in a week. It really is only dependent on the time you want to put into this. $35,000 to $50,000 per year income working part-time is VERY realistic. $8,000-$10,000 per month full-time is achievable. You can work from home and work you own hours. 

And one more thing, people doing this have experienced between 60% and 75% renewal rates. So...every year, as you go back into these businesses, you can expect a large number of them to renew on the spot for the current year's program.

Who should take advantage of this, and who should not.

Listen Up! This is not for someone who believes the hype we all see all too frequently today, such as..."EARN $200 AN HOUR WHILE SLEEPING!" Sorry - not going to happen. This is real, and it is for real people. Someone willing to invest the time to make this work. Someone willing to go out and become part of their local business community. 

This is NOT for everyone, and that is a good thing. It is for someone who wants a proven and effective business of their own. Someone who wants to offer valuable products and services to their clients.

We are limiting the number of active participants.

We have decided to limit the active participants in this program to only 300. That's it. Only 300 people in the United States and Canada will enjoy the income potential that this business opportunity has to offer. Once we have 300 people doing this, we will NOT bring on any more. And we will limit the sale of this business opportunity package according to population and business data in all local areas. So, even though we may have less than 300 people active, we do reserve the right to NOT sell a business opportunity package to someone in an area that we have determined is properly represented. If you are left out, you may not be happy about this, so act quickly. We do this to ensure that each and every person that purchases our business opportunity program will have more than enough local businesses to approach without bumping into other participants.

How Fletcher Consulting, Inc. and fit in.

First, we will sell you a complete business start-up package as described. The investment for this is $495.00. You do NOT buy the mouse pads, refrigerator memo boards, coffee cups and so on from us. You will work directly with the same manufacturers that we do, getting the same wholesale reseller pricing that we do. 

We offer graphics, artwork and design services to you. This includes working with your clients, handling all design and proofing, and interacting with the promotional products manufacturers. This is optional, and if you wish you can take care of this yourself, without our help. However, we do expect a significant percentage of those of you who purchase this business opportunity package to utilize us for worry-free artwork, design and graphical services. Our fees are quite reasonable. This gives you the comfort knowing that the design part of the process is going to be done professionally. What you get is a professional and experienced graphics and design back-office. Again, this is completely optional and is not required.

And in the future, we will be offering new "Shared Advertising" programs to you. And as we continue to develop these programs, we may discover new ways to market these advertising programs, which we will also make available to you. Again, all completely optional, and you are in no way obligated to take advantage of any of these offers. 

Remember - this is YOUR business. We do not take one penny of YOUR profit. 

That's it in a nutshell. 
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